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49 Reviews for
  Average Rating: 6.7
    Listing Quality: 7.0
    Value: 6.6
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"Since 1999, we've helped thousands of our FSBO customers sell their homes, saving over $1 billion in commissions. "

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User Comments:

NOT Recommended Itís a joke - August 8, 2018
Overall: 4 | Quality: 3 | Value: 3
  Seriously, stick with Craigís List! The goal of selling your home on your own is defeated by advertising to realtors who wonít even look at your listing unless you offer a substantial commission. Then when you look up your Zillow ad you will find that the contact information (which should be you!) has been hijacked by real estate agents who wonít show your home anyway but love advertising and seeing their face wherever they can force it on us! Then when you look up your house on you will see that they have seriously undervalued it!
This is a waste of money but we did get a call from a scammer based in China along with around 50 tellemarketer calls.
NOT Recommended do not waist your money - June 20, 2018
Overall: 1 | Quality: 1 | Value: 0
  Almost everything that could be messed up was messed up. I was listing a condo in Toronto, the forms I got to enter the listing info were for a house, when I pointed out discrepancies I got a stroppy email reply. They even posted pictures submitted upside down and it took days to correct that. In the end it took a week to remove me from the listing service.
This place is a total waste of time!
NOT Recommended FSBO GYP - March 31, 2017
Overall: 1 | Quality: 5 | Value: 2
  I did not have any trouble posting my and I got my crappy sign promptly, but that is where the service ends. I am no longer able to access my add and I unable to contact FSBO. Not good!
NOT Recommended review of for sale by owner - March 13, 2016
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  WOW I never even got started and they were terrible. First, I had a question on the difference between 2 packages so I called and was told they would e-mail me more info. Then I e-mailed to ask where my info was and never got a reply. They just don't care. They completely ignore a person.
NOT Recommended RIPE OFF !!!!! - August 31, 2015
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  This site was very quick to take the money then disappear. Three months to list then it disappeared in a week. MLS, very uncooperative. Then they just stop answering the phone. So if you have a half a grand to blow and want major frustration, go for it.
Maybe Recommended Reoccurring fees - August 6, 2015
Overall: 4 | Quality: 8 | Value: 4
  If you use be aware of this. I paid for the highest level we did sell the home we had an MLS listing. The agent from NJ who handled it said he would close it out. Just noticed today they have been charging us since March. Five months for their site that they said was still active. Deceptive in how they present their services compared to how they bill. Reoccurring fees on your card will happen itís is no joke. With the move and all we just didnít notice it in time and when the guy said he closed out the MLS we figured it was all taken care of well its not. I feel Ė ripped off! They totally refused to refund any part of it and would not let me talk to a supervisor. SO IF YOU USE THEM AND SELL MAKE SURE YOU CLOSE YOUR ACCOUNT WITH THEM TOO!!!! Because the agent closing out the MLS isn't enough to stop them from charging you.
NOT Recommended you will be confused from start to finish - July 8, 2015
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  Listed my home, didn't get posted anywhere on other sites as they promised, their live chat won't work. they have no customer serice on the weekend ( when people need it most for buyers to find these listings) then their tech support is a joke.they really don't care about their business it seems! they said: oh it didn't post on redfin? well I will email them! 5 days later and no one got back to me. removing my add from here. I can't beleive they have $800 packages when they suck so bad!
NOT Recommended Worst Customer Service EVER! - July 8, 2015
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  I purchased the basic package a week ago to see if this is the right choice for me maybe upgrade to the mls package later.However, my listing didn't get posted in any other websites, like Zillow or Redfin, that it's supposed to.
So I tried to reach out to the customer service and discuss the problem. Live chat didn't work, they never responded to my emails, and to top it off, when I called the customer service and talked to Ebrahim, he said "It is what it is"! He didn't even care if I was going to cancel my posting. I should have read the reviews first.
Complete waste of time and money!
Don't make the same mistake as I did.
NOT Recommended don't do it - March 28, 2015
Overall: 3 | Quality: 3 | Value: 0
  I signed up in February but prior to doing so I read the reviews here but thought they may have bettered themselves! WRONG!!
Once they have you signed up they have no regard for you. In March the reworked the website without properly testing it ie/; the counter has not worked for over a week. I thought no one was even looking at my home!!!! Problem 2 the could not even be bothered to send an e-mail to let everyone know although I receive a ton spam about deals for non customers but after several calls I was able to gleen out there was a problem. Do not try to upgrade your package once they have you I paid $279 for the deluxe package and a mls would have cost a total of $519. this month there is a 20% discount they told me no deals for existing customers and my cost would be an additional $300. do the math if you sign up they have you and you are nothing to them use craigs list I've had more hits there
NOT Recommended Ripoff - July 8, 2014
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  I signed up in June and canceling now in July because of lack of customer service. Also, I paid for a mls listing and contacted the realtor for this over and over and got no response. I have called their customer service, over and over. I don't get notified of emails when I get an inquiry on the property. This is a big waste and a ripoff! This is what you get when you take a short cut. Just get a realtor!
NOT Recommended Don't waste your money - February 17, 2012
Overall: 4 | Quality: 6 | Value: 3
  I listed with because of the money back guarantee offered (if your decide later to list with a realtor they will refund the price). They will only refund your money if you choose the realtor THEY select. Clearly one hand washing the other. I listed for over a year with a handful of showings. Miraculously, after 50 days listing with a realtor, I had multiple showings and sold the property. I am convinced that local realtors blackball any FSBO's. Also be ready for lots of inquiries for things other than sales like lease to own, renting, etc...
Maybe Recommended Not Yet Sold - December 5, 2011
Overall: 8 | Quality: 8 | Value: 8
  The For sale by Owner as a company has been nothing but great! The problem to be aware of is that if the buyers in your price range or area have buyers agents, your home may get very little activity. We actually found out that some agents will actually discourage showing your home because it is FSBO. So much for working in their clients best interest! To clarify, we had a buyers agent comm. of 3%, a 1/2% above the avergage commission in our price range. Again For Sale By Owner has been great to work with, but we did everything right and it is not enough in this market.
NOT Recommended A scam - August 29, 2011
Overall: 0 | Quality: 0 | Value: 0
  Don't be tricked out of your money. is a wolf in grandmother's clothing. You might think the "one-month listing" means you'll only pay for one month of service. But the fine print somewhere sets up a reoccuring charge to your Visa until you actively cancel the "one month only" service. $ + $$ + $$$ = a lot of money.
Recommended good site - July 15, 2011
Overall: 8 | Quality: 8 | Value: 9
  This site made selling my own home much easier than i thought it could be. I got lots of interested buyers and sold my home in just 2 months.
Recommended Overpriced for Neighborhood? - May 24, 2010
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  I originally listed my meticulously renovated home with a traditional full commission national realty firm, but was told that realtors within that firm were not showing my home since thay felt it was overpriced for the neighborhood. After enduring six months of wasted time, I listed my home through and sold it myself within 45 days for $15,000. above appriasal to a walk-up buyer. Saved myself over $12,000. in commissions. Thanks you !!!
Recommended Sold in 9 Days - January 30, 2009
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 9
  We put our house on at the start of the downturn of the housing market. But, within 9 days our house sold! Great experiance would recommend it to anyone!
Recommended Great Experience - January 23, 2009
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  Our experience selling with was top notch! We used the realtor option (3% comission). The Realtor posted the ten pictures we took and the write up that we wrote on We had a much better write up with more pictures than most Realtors provide for their paying clients.
Recommended Great Opportunity for Sellers - January 26, 2009
Overall: 9 | Quality: 8 | Value: 7
  We actually did not have many responses but we sold our house in about three weeks to the second person who contacted us. Our house was listed with a real estate agent for 6 months with no results.
Recommended Why give away 6%? - March 11, 2009
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  We had our home listed with an agent for a few weeks, and had to pull it off of the market for 6 months due to a delay in job relocations.
We were so unhappy with the quality of work from the typical agent that we decided to do it ourselves the next time around. By far the best choice we could have made. We easily had 5 times the amount of viewings, and I assure you we tried much harder with each one than any agent would have.
Long story short, we sold our house in just under 3 months, for very close to asking price, and saved 6% ontop of that.
The agents rely on lowering the price of a home to sell it instead of building value in a product, and then negotiating on the price. Seemed like a simple concept to me.
Recommended Better than a Realtor - January 17, 2009
Overall: 8 | Quality: 10 | Value: 8
  We tried a local Realtor.....eck! All they could do is say "lower your price" and tried to compare our beautifully upgraded home to the foreclosure market. generated REAL prospects from many different areas. Although our final sale was actually a "lease-purchase", it resulted in a full price sale, and we were able to move on with our lives. Owners: You can do it too, do not let those lazy Realtors run your life. I would be glad to offer help.
Larry Gilbert
Recommended easy way to sell your own house - January 15, 2009
Overall: 9 | Quality: 10 | Value: 9
  Out story ...we had waterfront property and put in our ad on ForSalebyowner We new it would probably take a while to sell being on a remote island off the cost of Maine and at our higher price range. We started to get impatient and got a real estate agent to maybe help get us more exposure. Long story short the Broker listings did not bring in any prospects at all..... the Forsalebyowner ad did it. We now regret ever bringing in a Realtor as we ended up giving him a very small percent ....our advise to others would be do not get to impatient and stick with Forsalebyowner.... it will sell it and you can do it yourself. Thank you Forsalebyowner for your service.
Recommended Quick sale in bad market - January 14, 2009
Overall: 9 | Quality: 9 | Value: 9
  Very easy to use. The website provided clear and concise directions for setting up all sale information. We had thousands of views and sold our house in a rough market at our asking price.
Recommended house didn't sell! - January 14, 2009
Overall: 2 | Quality: 3 | Value: 2
  I never was able to sell my house on this site. I finally quit and hired a realtor. She sold it in 9 weeks after listing.
Recommended Great Sale - June 16, 2009
Overall: 9 | Quality: 9 | Value: 8
  We tried to auction our house and no-one showed up! We listed with suppostly the best realtor in town and they didn't sell it in the six months they had the listing.
We listed with FSBO and sold it within three week!What more could you want?
Recommended Two Sold Two Months - June 11, 2010
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  Bought a never-lived-in house at a post foreclosure auction. We planned to upgrade it and move in; but, given the deteriorating economy, we put both it and the house we were living in on FSBO. In less than two months we got a contract on one and the following week on the other. Sold both, and we're now shopping for a bargain. The commission savings allowed us to price attractively and direct face-to-face negotiations with the buyers were invaluable in closing the deals.
P.S. Remember when stock brokers used to overcharge on commissions vs services rendered.
Recommended Well worth it. - June 5, 2009
Overall: 9 | Quality: 9 | Value: 9
  House sold in three months in a heavily favored buyers market. Saved tens of thousands. Prices are more than reasonable, easy to set up, excellent customer service.
Recommended Smart Move - May 21, 2009
Overall: 10 | Quality: 8 | Value: 7
  For sale by owner done everything they
said they would & more. My farm took about a year to sell but that was because the house wasn't finished. Anyway I just paid that one time price
& they took care of me untill it sold.
I was very pleased.
Thank you
Recommended Try this before anything - May 11, 2009
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  I listed my house on in March. And I sold my house by July. It is definitely worth the money. We were able to sell fast and kept most of the earnings for ourselves instead of paying it all to the a third or fourth party 4-6% interest.
Recommended Smart Choice - May 8, 2009
Overall: 8 | Quality: 8 | Value: 8
  We had purchased our home through and in turn decided to list our home that we were selling with them as well...we sold it with in 6 months. We were very happy with this choice, we were able to save thousands by doing it ourselves which was really very easy. I would highly reccommend instead of signing a contract w/a realtor and paying them a high percentage.
Recommended Don't use this site - April 9, 2009
Overall: 2 | Quality: 2 | Value: 2
  This site is not as cheap or as good as other say. Be sure to read the fine print when you sign up. They will keep charging your credit card until you ask them to stop whether or not your house sells!
Recommended Very Pleased - April 3, 2009
Overall: 10 | Quality: 9 | Value: 8
  We sold our house in 6 days. I especially liked the ability to key in the house features then print brochures for potential buyers.
Recommended Save Thousands - March 25, 2009
Overall: 8 | Quality: 9 | Value: 10
  We sold our house in a little over 3 weeks, and this was in Sept.08 which was a very bad time for home sales. It costs so little that it's worth the try.
Recommended It works. - March 10, 2009
Overall: 10 | Quality: 9 | Value: 9
  I tried to sell my apartment building for 2 years with a real estate agent and then on my own. Then my wife and I were in Lowe's and there was a "For Sale By sign and I told my wife , Why not, we tried every thing else. Bought the sign and went home and listed it with For Sale By and had many calls. Long story short we sold the property in 2 months. Recommend it to all who are selling.
Recommended This is the way to go! - March 3, 2009
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  I've sold several houses on my own but this experience was my best. I got two offers in 9 days! I wouldn't hesitate to use this site again.
Recommended Williamsburg Property - March 3, 2009
Overall: 8 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  I would recommend this website to anyone selling (or buying) property!
Recommended OK service - February 22, 2009
Overall: 8 | Quality: 7 | Value: 8
  The listing service worked, but it was not the easiest for me to use and it took longer than i expected. Haven't used other sites so maybe its not bad.
Recommended So easy to sell your own home quick.. - February 13, 2009
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 9
  I sold my home in 3 days with for sale by owner..In this tough market, I think we did real well..thanks, Karen Miller
Recommended high fees - February 4, 2009
Overall: 6 | Quality: 8 | Value: 7
  For sale by owner treated me better than my local paper that I had classified ads with and spent more money on. but the fees are a bit higher than i expected. i thought the site was a little misleading.
Recommended We sold our house in two weeks - January 23, 2009
Overall: 9 | Quality: 9 | Value: 10
  After being told by a real estate agent that it would take six months to sell our house at a loss, we turned to and sold it for more than our asking price in just two weeks.
Our listing was so professional that the real estate agent representing the buyers didn't even know it was a for sale by owner house until we signed the paperwork.
Recommended Would use FSBO and was once a realtor - January 19, 2009
Overall: 9 | Quality: 10 | Value: 8
  We listed our house with for sale by owner because we had it listed with a realtor and I use to be one yet I did all the work it didnt sale int he three months we had it listed and I thought why stay with them since I did all the work. It took a little to sale but we did and with the economy the way it is I feel real lucky. The only thing they need to come up eith is a SOLD sign to put over your FOR SALE sign I made my own..Thank you
Recommended worked for us - January 12, 2009
Overall: 9 | Quality: 9 | Value: 10
  sold our home for the asking price in a hard sale market. Could not ask for more.
Recommended Good Value - January 12, 2009
Overall: 8 | Quality: 9 | Value: 10
  We had as many Realtors call as we had individuals. Dropped the Realtor fees and sold the house for the price that we wanted. FSBO should provide additional and better quality signs for your yard.
Recommended SE Kansas Success - January 9, 2009
Overall: 10 | Quality: 9 | Value: 9
  My property was on the market for over a year, I worked with 2 different Real Estate Agencies and had no luck until I advertised with "For Sale By Owner"!
Great experience...
Recommended Good experince! - January 5, 2009
Overall: 9 | Quality: 9 | Value: 9
  My home in South Carolina sold, as a result of FSBO listing. Although it was listed for over a year, the problem was, that we were in a location where the market was flooded with homes. We were in a Military area of SC. The home sold fro $10,000. below our asking price, but we were satisfied with that, because the "bottom" was falling out of the housing market EVERYWHERE, in the country. We are so thankful to have sold when we did. The one thing that drew more "hits" to our site, was the slide show. It enabled me to highlight the most desirable features of my home. I also appreciated that FSBO is constantly improving their site, and making it more user friendly. Thanks, FSBO!
Recommended A good experience... - December 21, 2008
Overall: 9 | Quality: 9 | Value: 10
  Had my home with R/E agent.... didn't work. Lowered house price twice w/FSBO and got a call. Said they saw it on FSBO and wanted to see it. SOLD !! It got the exposure, photo quality good. No complaints. easy to use.
Recommended FSBO - December 17, 2008
Overall: 10 | Quality: 9 | Value: 10
  We sold our home within 3 weeks of listing and when we purchased additional assistance, our attraction grew in many states.
Recommended Very good experience - December 12, 2008
Overall: 8 | Quality: 9 | Value: 8
  It was easy to add and edit our listing. Their appraisal estimate was right on target. We did not utilize the MLS option. The house sold the first week on the market. A great way to sell a house if you don't mind doing the work yourself (i.e. showing the house, etc.).
Recommended It worked - November 16, 2008
Overall: 10 | Quality: 10 | Value: 10
  It took almost a year to sell the property but in this economy I was just glad to sell it. FSBO was very helpful whenever I had a problem or question. I had almost 1,300 views of my listing. I will use them again if the need arises.
Recommended Don't recommend - November 9, 2008
Overall: 1 | Quality: 1 | Value: 1
  I had my house listed for a year and a half with Forsalebyowner and nothing happened.