How to make sure you get your security deposit back

When you move into a new apartment, the property manager or owner will collect some security deposit for assurance.  They just want to hold the money as payment in case something happens to the rental. When you move out one of the hardest things you will deal with is the security deposit.  Some people will give up easily on the security deposit because it may seem difficult to recover while others just do not have the time to fight that.  The security deposit is essentially your cash which means it should be refunded when you move out of the property unless you caused some damages to the place. If that is not the case, the property manager is obligated to refund the deposit immediately.

Here is how to make sure you get that security deposit back

Make plans as you move into your new home.

This is simple; all you have to do is take precautions as you move into the rental home.  Damages cause on the first day will count on the security deposit as you leave. You should be very careful when moving into your new home. you can also put extra protection into the home to avoid damage charges over a long period of time.

Stay organised

This will help you get the security deposit faster.  When you are moving into he property and get the documents, you should make sure you go through them with the property manager to understand their rules and regulations. This makes it easier for you to avoid the mistakes that may lead to the property damage.

Avoid losing all your documents

You can do this by keeping them secure and in one place. If they have your signature on them, then you will definitely need them when moving out of the property. Research on the procedures and requirements needed to end the rental agreements and make sure you comply with all the stated agreements. Document everything before you move into the home.

Take photographs of the whole place as proof

You do not want to be charged for a damage that was pre-existing before you moved into the house. If the property manager tries to keep your money dues to damages that you did not cause, you can use the photographs of videos you took as proof that you kept the place in top shape. Ensure you walk through the home with the property manager to review all the existing issues in the property. This evidence may be liable in a legal environment if you need to take your case further. Keeping a record of the maintenance issues, requests and feedback will serve as proof of record keeping in case of other issues.

Do a mock inspection

Do a mock inspection with both your friends and the property manager. Going through a checklist before and after you move will ensure you move in and out with only your personal belongings, leaving the apartment and all its appliances intact.

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