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Real Estate Listing Reviews is a 100% free service that gives users the opportunity to post reviews about various Real Estate Listing Services.
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200 Reviews Received: May, 2015

We launched in March 2008, and have steadily received reviews of dozens of real estate listing sites. We're still rapidly increasing in popularity. As of May 2015, we have received over 200 user reviews of,, foreclosure listing sites, and many more. Keep checking back for more reviews and services. We're just getting started!

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Last 3 User Reviews Reviews
  NOT Recommended It’s a joke - August 8, 2018
  Seriously, stick with Craig’s List! The goal of selling your home on your own is defeated by advertising to realtors who won’t even look at your listing unless you offer a substantial commission. Then when you look up your Zillow ad you will find that the contact information (which should be you!) has been hijacked by real estate agents who won’t show your home anyway but love advertising and seeing their face wherever they can force it on us! Then when you look up your house on you will see that they have seriously undervalued it!
This is a waste of money but we did get a call from a scammer based in China along with around 50 tellemarketer calls. Reviews
  NOT Recommended Misleading buyer beware - August 3, 2018
  We used a few years ago and had success; however, things have changed for the worse since then and our experience was very disappointing. While our listing did get put on the MLS, the problem is that instead of our contact information appearing for potential buyers to call, random agents that have paid for the ad space on the major sites like Zillow, etc. are getting all of the calls and our info is nowhere to be seen. It defeats the purpose completely of selling by owner. Waste of $400. Reviews
  NOT Recommended do not waist your money - June 20, 2018
  Almost everything that could be messed up was messed up. I was listing a condo in Toronto, the forms I got to enter the listing info were for a house, when I pointed out discrepancies I got a stroppy email reply. They even posted pictures submitted upside down and it took days to correct that. In the end it took a week to remove me from the listing service.
This place is a total waste of time!

Tips for Using a FSBO Home Listing Website

Anyone planning to sell a home by themselves or "for sale by owner" - commonly referred to as FSBO - should fully embrace digital technology to increase their chances of selling more successfully. That's because the vast majority of buyers of real estate do their background research and comparison shopping for homes on the Internet, before ever venturing outside to look at property.

Why Listing Online is Vital
In fact, 96% percent of buyers used the internet during the home buying process, compared to only 62 percent in 2005. Approximately 70% did so by connecting over a smart phone, too, which underscores the reality that today's buyers expect sellers to actively market their homes online.

Discover Home Loans - which is affiliated with the Discover credit card brand - conducted a survey recently that confirmed the importance of online resources for marketing a home. The vast majority of those surveyed also said that shopping with technology made them "smarter home buyers".

Real Estate Listing Websites
More than 82% of respondents said they used mobile apps to look at listings on websites like Zillow and Trulia, and more than 75% said that looking at listings became "addictive".

According to a 2015 real estate article in the Washington Post, the majority of buyers begin their search online, particularly by going to sites such as those, that are devoted to real estate listings. Usually if your home is included in the official Realtor database of homes for sale, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), that will also get it onto the other main listing sites. That's because those other sites rely on the MLS for most of their own information about what homes are available to buy.

Do You Really Need a Listing Agent?
While it is true that about 90% of homes in the United States are sold with the help of a real estate agent, that statistic deserves more scrutiny. Just because a real estate agent was involved in the sale of the home, that does not necessarily mean that the agent worked as a listing agent to put the house on the market and actively promote a sale. A great many just helped by bringing a qualified buyer to the table.

To tap into that highly lucrative resource, homeowners taking the FSBO approach should definitely consider the possibility of entertaining offers from Realtors who represent buyers - while saving money by not using a listing agent. To make it worthwhile, just add 3% to your sales price before putting your home on the market so that you’ll generate extra funds to cover the finder's fee.

FSBO Listing Sites
The best way to spread the word about your listing to online buyers, through the MLS system, and on major real estate listing websites is to use a FSBO service that offers that kind of exposure and connectivity. Two of the longest-running and most popular FSBO listing sites - which have each been in existence since the mid-to-late 1990s - are and, and both have plenty to offer a DIY home seller.

Overview of offers four different FSBO listing packages, and all of them are dramatically less expensive than what it typically costs to hire a real estate agent or broker to list and sell a home. In addition the site offers lots of educational and informational resources including a step-by-step selling timeline, guidelines for how to accurately price a home, and helpful interactive checklists to help sellers track their marketing efforts and selling progress from start to finish.

The resources - which all free of charge - cover variety of pertinent topics such as planning to sell, setting the price, how to effectively market a home, and tips for negotiating with buyers and moving toward a successful closing. But the real value in using any FSBO site is to put your listing into the MLS. At you can do that for about $699, and you'll also receive extras like customer support, the ability to post six photos of your home and a video upload in the MLS, plus a heavy-duty yard sign kit.

Overview of is the largest flat-fee MLS network in the USA. Once again, there are a variety of options available - but the one that serious homeowners doing a FSBO should really pay attention to is inclusion in the MLS. This site will put your listing in the MLS for six months for a one-time charge of $395. Or you can list for a full 12 months for $495. Paying the extra $100 also includes extras like inclusion in Zillow and Yahoo databases plus real estate forms you can use when selling that are legal and applicable to your state.